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Carbon, capital and the pipeline at the end of this world.


When we're talking about a Green New Deal - a way to completely change the energy sources, and how that would impact the Industrial Age - we have to also, as equally and as fervently, be talking about how we are going to stop re-creating sacrifice zones in other countries, to stop solving American environmental issues by sacrificing people in other area's livelihoods, autonomy and right to self-determination.

Writers Duncan Tarr and Noor us-Sabah explore the Midwestern oil pipeline that ties us all together - tracing the flows of carbon and capital across the globe, and mapping out system of extraction that can't be reformed or re-routed, but must be abolished and dismantled wherever it threatens life on this planet.

Duncan and Noor wrote the article The End of the Line for Commune.

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Duncan Tarr

Duncan Tarr is a writer and organizer living in Lansing, Michigan.


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Noor us-Sabah

Noor us-Sabah is an organizer, farmer, and musician currently residing in Detroit, Michigan.


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