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Lessons in socialist economic planning, from Walmart.


The challenge for the left is not to make arguments about planning being feasible - it's that long-term challenge of the left since the French Revolution - how do we democratize, in a deep way, the institutions we have that already work, that already plan a large part of our economy?

Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski explain why Walmart and other giant multinational corporations prove the feasibility of large-scale, centrally planned economies, and how the left could use the technology and infrastructure of capital to transform a global economy in service of equality and security for all people.

Michal and Leigh are authors of The People’s Republic of Walmart: How the World’s Biggest Corporations are Laying the Foundation for Socialism from Verso.

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Leigh Phillips

Leigh Phillips is a journalist and science writer.



Michal Rozworski

Michal Rozworski is a union researcher and writer based in Vancouver, Canada.


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