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We are a rebel project: On caravans and cross-border solidarity.


I've talked with small scale coffee farmers who can no longer make a living off of their crops due to devaluation, changes in weather patterns and the abandonment of the rural sector. I've also talked to people in cities who can find jobs, but the jobs don't pay enough to feed their children, or buy school uniforms. At the same time, the brother of the Honduran president was just arrested on narco-trafficking charges. The elites are making a killing, while the majority of people have no options to have dignified job and care for their families.

Writer Martha Pskowski examines the cross-border solidarity powering the migrant caravans - as migrants and the communities they pass through struggle to survive under the crises of global capital and climate change, regular people are forming powerful networks of support and solidarity beyond the framework of conventional politics and the mainstream media.

Martha wrote the article The Rebel Project of the Caravan: Solidarities and Setbacks for Viewpoint Magazine.

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Martha Pskowski

Martha Pskowski is a journalist and researcher based in Mexico City.


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