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The liberal order is running out the clock on a world with little time left.


'This is a moment, this is an aberration, this is a parenthesis, this is exceptional, this is unprecedented, this is extraordinary' - you see these words used over and over by liberals to describe the emergence of populism, broadly understood. But because it's so exceptional, we have to respond to this exception to the rules of the game by enforcing and obeying those rules, and essentially enforcing their legitimacy.

Writer Aaron Timms explains how 'blip thinking' blinds the liberal economic/political order from seeing the longterm failures of its own project - capitalism's swallowing of democracy across the globe, the resulting populist backlash, and the coming world-wide crisis of climate change - and a doubles down on a system with no real answers because it has no real questions.

Aaron wrote the article This Is Not A Blip for The Baffler.

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Aaron Timms

Aaron Timms is a writer currently based in Brooklyn, New York.


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