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Small scale on a large scale: Towards localization, worldwide.


Fundamental to the localization movement is the globally-growing local food movement. That’s where you can get a basic lesson in a really sane new economic perspective. Of course, not everything is about food, but food is the only thing we produce as human beings that every single person on the planet needs every day of their lives. For me it’s amazingly inspiring to see how farmers and consumers and middlemen have come together to create new food initiatives from the bottom up. They’re doing it against the tide.

Local Futures founder Helena Norberg-Hodge connects a worldwide rise in authoritarianism to the precarity and exploitation of global capitalism, and looks towards localization as a path towards reclaiming economic and political power for normal people, building direct relationships of trade, and securing a sustainable future for people and the environment.

Helena wrote the essay Localisation: A strategic solution to globalised authoritarianism for the Transnational Institute.

Transcript via AntiDote Zine

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Helena Norberg-Hodge

Helena Norberg-Hodge is an author, filmmaker and the founder and director of Local Futures.


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