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Episode 976

From the Wreck Age

Oct 30 2017

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George Monbiot

We can become the people we really are: Rising out of the neoliberal wreckage.

Writer George Monbiot examines the disastrous triumph of the neoliberal narrative - over our political possibilities and the way we see each other and ourselves, and explains why the left must capture hearts and minds (and power) with a new story about our future - an old tale based on cooperation, mutual aid and survival in a dangerous age.

George is author of Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis from Verso.



Ajamu Nangwaya, Kali Akuno

Reclaiming democracy and rebuilding politics at Cooperation Jackson.

Kali Akuno and Ajamu Nangwaya discuss building a solidarity economy at Cooperation Jackson - from the project's roots in Black history in the American South and worker cooperatives in the Basque Country, to the radical work of transforming our economies, our politics, and our selves for the benefit of all.

Kali and Ajamu are edited and contributed to to the new collection Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi from Daraja Press.

Ajamunangwayabio Kaliakunobio


Alex S. Vitale

The only way to end police abuse is to end the police.

Sociologist Alex S. Vitale explains why the problems of modern policing - brutality, militarization and corruption -  can't be reformed away in a capitalist system with only force to offer the poor and disenfranchised, and how only democratic solutions to address the roots of social problems can deliver a safer, more just society for all its citizens.

Alex is author of The End of Policing from Verso.



Martha Pskowski

A report on all the bureaucratic disasters before Mexico City's earthquake.

Journalist Martha Pskowski explains how government / construction industry corruption and a powerless regulatory system amplified the effects of Mexico City's deadly September earthquake, and why the disaster has revealed the economic fault-lines running across the city's politics and between the city's classes.

Martha wrote the Guardian article 6,000 complaints ... then the quake: the scandal behind Mexico City's 225 dead.



Anuradha Mittal

On life, land and the wall between them in occupied Palestine.

The Oakland Institute's Anuradha Mittal reports on the conditions of life under Israeli occupation in Palestine - from the daily realities of a life isolated and fragmented by military checkpoints and Israeli laws, to the long-term psychological toll of being denied a homeland and the opportunity to work and play as free people.

The Oakland Institute released a series of nine reports on everyday life for Palestinians, titled Palestine: For Land and Life.

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Dave Buchen

One step forward, three steps back: A report from Puerto Rico's futuro dystopian.

Our Man (usually in) San Juan stops by the studio to flip through Avon's gift guide for the Puerto Rican apocalypse, explain what it's like to live with the massive failures of both electrical and political power systems, and how the storms have revealed the utopian nature of people, and the dystopian nature of our government.

Dave is in town to work on Theatre Oobleck's Apocalypse Cabaret: A Benefit for Puerto Rican Artists in November.



Jeff Dorchen

#MeToo, Rick James, #MeToo

In a Moment of Truth, a creepy acquaintance's creepy behavior towards women and mailing list drama from a church he doesn't belong to causes Jeff Dorchen to reconsider the sexual politics of the 1981 Rick James song Superfreak, and his own reasons for not confronting the predatory freaks he wouldn't bring home to mother.