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Episode 841

No Men, No Masters

Mar 21 2015

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Lucy Ellmann

No labor, no housework, no sex: Reaching female supremacy in three strikes.

Writer Lucy Ellmann is done with men’s bullshit. Their violence, their greed, their pizzas – she calls for a series of strikes to defeat patriarchy, overthrow capitalism and establish a socialist, cooperative, pleasant female supremacy.

Lucy wrote the provocative, sharp, footnote-happy Three Strikes! for The Baffler.



Nicole Aschoff

Selfie-Alienation: How the smartphone unlocks a new frontier of commodification.

Sociologist Nicole Aschoff examines how the smartphone functions as both digital identity portal and corporate commodifier.

Nicole’s newest writing is the article The Smartphone Society in the newest issue of Jacobin.



Hristijan Petrushev

Leaks from Macedonia's widespread government wiretapping reveal widespread government corruption.

Political scholar Hristijan Petrushev profiles a major, ongoing surveillance and corruption scandal shaking Macedonian politics.

Hristijan has published the five-part (so far) series of reports Political Bomb in Macedonia for The Vostokian.



Brian Mier

Opposition protests in Brazil are fueled by elites, privatizers and the ghosts of a dictatorship.

Brian Mier reports from what he believes is an attempted coup against Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff, and explains why corruption charges mask the opposition’s real aims – to privatize the country’s energy corporation.

Brian has been writing and filming coverage from Sao Paulo for the blog Progressive Brazil.



David Graeber

David Graeber follows the rules, to the boring / fascinating heart of bureaucracy itself.

Anthropologist David Graeber explores the bureaucratic dimension that rules our lives, takes our money, and stretches between the public and private, the right and the left, between capitalism and whatever comes next.

David’s new book is The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine



Jeff Dorchen

A semiotician's guide to arguing with Facebook randos about cartoons of Muslim women.

All Jeff Dorchen wants to do on Facebook is post photos of himself dressed as a giant baby, but now he has to spend all his time arguing with some Facebook rando about whether an image of a woman could possibly symbolize anything other than a woman.