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Episode 1382

What the US government knew about climate change / James Gustave Speth

Sep 2 2021

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Crooks always win
Jeff Dorchen

Getting To The (Power) Bottom Of Ripley

Jeff is fascinated by the popularity of Patricia Highsmith's character, Tom Ripley. How did such a monster come to be such an accurate reflection of our national shame, the President?

Read the transcript, without Jeff being distracted by dogs barking, here:



James Gustave Speth

No time left: On 50 years of US government complicity in the climate crisis.

James Gustav Speth on five decades of US government knowledge of climate change and promotion of the fossil fuel industry, a legal challenge to power from children growing up in the shadow of catastrophe, and his book They Knew: The US Federal Government's Fifty-Year Role in Causing the Climate Crisis from MIT Press.