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Episode 1094

Real estate racism / War and sleep.

Nov 19 2019

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Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Black homeowners, real estate racism and the mechanisms of predatory inclusion.

African American studies scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor examines the mechanism of racism in the American real estate industry - as post-1968 public policies pushed Black renters and homeowners into a racially stratified, predatory housing market without Civil Rights protection, a predatory inclusion took shape, funneling wealth into private industry and foreclosing the futures of Black families for decades to come.

Keeanga is author of the book Race for Profit: How Banks and the Real Estate Industry Undermined Black Homeownership from University of North Carolina Press.



Franny Nudelman

On sleep, time, trauma and dissent in the waking world.

Historian Franny Nudelman explores the radical work of anti-war Vietnam veterans using sleep - as a setting to understand the traumatic effects of violence on the human psyche, and as a weapon of direction action against the government that pushed them into the waking nightmare of warfare.

Franny is author of Fighting Sleep: The War for the Mind and the US Military from Verso.