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Reading List - September 22

Here's what we read this week.


For Saturday's show:


Waste Only: How the Plastics Industry is Fighting to Keep Polluting the World - Sharon Lerner / The Intercept

Situational Breakdowns: Understanding Protest Violence and other Surprising Outcomes - Anne Nassauer / University of California Press

Law Without Future: Anti-Constitutional Politics and the American Right - Jack Jackson / University of Pennsylvania Press.


Extra Reading:


Can you hear me? - Greta Thunberg / Communists in Situ

Immigrants as a Weapon: Global Nationalism and American Power - Yasha Levine / Substack

The Reactionary Heartland Is a Myth - Matthew E. Stanley and Paul M. Renfro / Dissent

Basic income bows to the master - Ana Cecilia Dinerstein / openDemocracy

The voice from the black hole - Sam Kriss /

More Than A Wall Corporate Profiteering and the Militarization of US borders - Todd Miller / Transnational Institute

Everything Must Go - Whitney Curry Wimbish / The Baffler





Reading List


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