846: Confliction Shows

Surveying World Bank damage / Under and after sanctions in Iran / The culture wars revisited / Not talking about climate change / War is peace / I, Zombie

845: Racketology Shows


The means of reproduction / Tracking the the globe’s financial racketeers / Challenging the myths of the ultra-rich / How racism entered mainstream politics / Ghostwriting the oil industry

844: Statelines Shows


Three hours of recent clips exploring the limits of state power / A live interview with a striker from Fight for $15

Fanboy Heaven Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://wikia.com It is also according to itself the world’s largest network of collaboratively published content on the web, with “over 400,000 communities for fans, by fans”.  It is also a free wiki platform for your own fanish ways.

843: Retropolitan Shows


Spain’s future via Latin America / Multilevel climate challenges / What kind of threat is Venezuela? / The battle for Iraq / The Maple Spring reloads / Joni Mitchell is not your puppet

Prog Nerd News Website of the Week

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://opednews.com Site quote: “…a non-partisan, non-profit, bottom-up, progressive / liberal news, opinion, op-ed media site, activism tool and blog community.”

842: Economics Decree Shows


London School of Economics: Occupied / Fighting after Ferguson / Understanding violence in Honduras / The laziness of long hours / Climate psychology / TedxLewinsky

841: No Men, No Masters Shows


Striking for female supremacy / Smartphone as commodifier / Macedonian surveillance bombs / Brazilian coups / David Graeber on bureaucracy / Dorchen on cartoons.